Week 2_People Formerly Known as the Audience

Week 2_People Formerly Known as the Audience

Years ago before technology was evolved as it has today, in order to learn what was happening into the world and around us, we had to read the newspapers, listened to radio stations or watched TV in order to get informed .  However, those information that we were getting from all these medias were always being in control by a group of people call the media people. Basically, media people were publishing to us what they wanted us to know about; no one from people that were not involve into the media section had the opportunity to share their opinion of what more they may knew.
Until one day, Jay Rosen, who is a writer, media critic and a professor of journalism at New York University, through an article he is warning the media people that this era was ended. In nowadays, things has changed, people can speak out loud for themselves. Simple people can say their opinion which it will be heard not only in their region but in the whole world, as well.

How is this possible?
An example of what people can use to shout out loud their believes is Blogging.  Blogging is the new media against the press which is theoretically an old media .These days  we are getting informed not only by the press but by the blogs too. The exciting part is that not only media people can publish their article, anyone can do it. Moreover, they can update the article every minute so we can know at the same time if something has change, contrariwise with the press that it can be released only one time a day. Another thing about the blogging is that people who read the article can say their own opinion by leaving a comment, so in that way you are able to see what everyone believes and not only the publisher.

Mark Thompson the director general of BBC has called these people  “Active Audience”.

Further more, brands are taking in advantage this change in media section by getting involve the “Active Audience” to increase reach and engagement.
Examples of such brand is Dove. In 2004 “The Dove” brand launched the Campaign for Real Beauty. This campaign was based on the findings of a major global study which had revealed that only 2% of women around the world would describe themselves as beautiful. Dove wanted  from this campaign, women to realize their personal beauty potential and change  the stereotypical norms of beauty that we have in mind.


For their First Advertising campaign, Dove, selected a couple of real women with wrinkles, overweight etc and took a photograph of each woman. Then on outdoor billboards they showed the images to the audience with two tick-box options next to them asking ” ugly spots? beauty spots?”, “extra large? or extra sexy?” . The audience could text their vote to a listed number, and the percentages appeared next to the image on the billboard. The Campaign For Real Beauty website was visited by 1.5 million.


So with those campaigns Dove has build love and loyalty between the brand and the audience; it tries to send a message to the audience that the company is a commercial figure who speaks for women. With that way dove it does not gain the appreciation from the people but it also gains popularity for the products that sells.


If you are interested to see more of Dove’s campaigns here are there names : “Real women”, “Evolution,”  ” Dove Real Beauty Sketches”. My favorite one is the ” Dove Real Beauty Sketches”  because it gives out a strong message to the world, which is that : “You are more beautiful than you think” .

I hope you enjoyed the video!!


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