Week 2_Understanding the user (PACT)

Week 2_Understanding the user (PACT)

Today the lesson was about what we have to take into consideration before starting designing something.
What we have learned is that he most important thing is to UNDERSTAND THE USER ,the people that are going to use you application or anything you are going to design. So in order to get the right design or get the design right we must first understand for whom we design for. The questions that we have to ask our self are :

  1. How does the user do? (Physically, for example we may design for a blind person)
  2. how does the user feel? (Intellectual, if the user is smart etc.)
  3. How does the user know? (emotional)

In order to answer those questions we have to use the PACT ANALYSIS. Below there is an image with my notes about what is PACT ANALYSIS is:


So as to see how it  actually works in practice our tutor asked from us to worked in groups a think what this PACT analysis was suppose to include if we had to design a weather application for kids.

I can say that it was a useful session today and PACT analysis is something i know for sure i will need to use in the future.


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