Week 4_Cultural Probe Task

Week 4_Cultural Probe Task

In order to understand better the whole process that is taking place in order to design a cultural probe our tutors assigned to us a task.
The Brief that was given to us was saying that a design agency has commissioned us to design  an innovative international student community app. In order to better understand the international student community in the UK and to gain deep insight into potential users of the app we have been engaged to design a simple cultural probe.

First i took some notes about what were the things that i was interested to learn from the international students and i then i decided what my concept is going to be for the two different cultural probes that i was going to design.

WP_20141109_23_33_46_Pro                                                                                      WP_20141109_23_34_04_Pro

Then i created a few sketches of ideas that were coming to my mind at that specific moment.


And when i made it clear in my mind what i wanted to be included in  the package that  i was going to sent to the students, i created  a few clear sketches.

weather probe

The First Cultural probe that i have design was to find out How the weather in UK is affecting the students emotionally and how active they are depending on the weather.

WP_20141012_19_19_20_Pro  And for the Second Probe my aim was to find out where they spend most of their money.



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