Week 4_Remix Culture

Week 4_Remix Culture

Everyone by hearing the world REMIX they think that they know exactly what that term means and in which occasions we can use such a term..But really..are you sure about this? and why does Levin Manovich thinks that we are living in a “Remix Culture”?
….Lets see..

the terminology of the world remix  as Levin Manovich; a professor of Visual Arts at the University of California, San Diego, specialized in new media, software and digital culture; mentioned in his article “What come after remix?” ,  that it implies to the systematically rearranging of things. Remix is to take samples or parts from different medias and joined them together to create something new.
So it does not apply only for music, but for other medias as well, like in visual projects , literary texts and software!!

I hope that until this point i made it clear what “Remix” stands for.

Now…why Levin Manovich thinks that we are living in a “Remix Culture”?

Levin argues that, in nowadays we are living in a world where technology evolves continuously; new media are released each day .As a result of this, the way that we are using and producing things based on cultural matters has changed. A large number of software applications have been developed and that allow us to remix any kind of data we want. Those software are called “Mash-ups”, and thereby remix practice has been extended.

Actually, the term remix was used before the turn of the 20th to 21st century (which is consider the time For the “Remix Culture” ) but it was only to describe the way that DJs were remixing a song by substitute new tracks for the old ones and change the volume of tracks. Today it is attribute  to any type of reworking existing cultural work. As i mentioned earlier in the terminology of the word remix, today we can remix anything, from literary texts to software until in visual projects even thought it is not consider legal for such kinds of media!!

And this is the reason why Manovich claims that we live in a “Remix Culture”.

Have you ever wonder how “Remix Culture” affect the work of a designer?
Well, as i said previously, many software have been developed during the “Remix Culture” and that was an advantage for a lot of designers. With those software they can  combine everything with anything, and with this i mean that within the same design they can use from a 3D model to a still image until a digital video and a vector drawing no matter where each media was found.Such examples of software are Photoshop, After Effects  Illustrator , Maya and many more.

Moreover, a designer has the chance to create something that is not realistic by combine samples from different sources and create something new that  may not even exist in reality!!
For example, Tomasz Opasonski, a creative director and movie poster artists explains in an interview how he uses Photoshop in order to create the outcome that he wants.

Below you can find a video of an interview from Tomasz Opasonski:





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