Week 4_ Ideation and Class activity

Week 4_ Ideation and Class activity

How can i come up with lots of ideas for my design?

First we have to do something like brainstorming. Brainstorming is one of the first things that a designer should do once he gets the brief from the client. It is about to write down all the ideas that comes to his mind that moment and then he must put some constrains, age group is an example, because as we know is different how adults act and how children act.
And when it comes to ideation, which is the part where the designer creates many sketches as to find which one is better, you must not feel embarrass for anything because then you are going to suspend your ideas, you have to be open in everything.

For this session we have a number of activities to do.
For the first activity were given to us 20 matches and an A1 paper and we had to create 16 and more sketches of ideas how to present those matches. Even thought it sounds easy for me it was not, it was the first time that i attempt to do something like that but i enjoyed it.

WP_20141020_11_30_08_Pro WP_20141020_11_53_54_Pro

For the second activity we had to get into groups and they gave to us different materials  such as apers, plastic cups, clips, strings, tinfoil, rubber bands and sticks. Our mission was to create music by using those materials. After a group brainstorming we decided that to create a few instruments and present our ideas as a Band.
It was so funny when we actually presented the idea in front of the whole class.



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