Week 5 _ The Importance Of Sketching For a Designer

Week 5 _ The Importance Of Sketching For a Designer

Sketching is not important only for a certain group of people, is important for everyone that wants to communicate with others visually, not only verbally. For example sketching is significant habit for artist like painters, sculptors even for photographers that they like to set up their scenes. The reason that is important is that tehy will have a visual brief of how their ideas look like before they start to develop it in real life.

However , for a Designer is a MUST!!

A Designer in order to come out with a great outcome for anything the best way is to start first by creating some sketches . The idea of sketching is to create quick and rough  drawings, you don’t need to worry if there are good or not, the point is just to create as many sketches as you want in order to have a selection to find the most appropriate ones that you think will work best for your new design. It is like a visual Brainstorming.
Additionally, its a way to communicate your design ideas to other people because sometimes it is not easy to use words to describe an idea.

design-sketches                      e


In order to sketch something will take you few minutes or even best a few seconds so that allows you to create a number of sketches and improve your idea, while if you sit in front of the computer and try to develop your idea using a software it will be more complicate and time consuming. Using a software you will not have the freedom to make quick changes or create as many sketches as you like in a the same piece of paper.


So what are the materials you need to have?
The most important things to have are pencils with varies degrees of hardness so that you can create soft, thin, hard, bold lines , rulers in different sizes, a good eraser, a good quality sketchbook and if you want something more a professional selection of pens would be a plus for your sketches. You can find and buy all of these in affordable prices you don’t have to spent a lot of money on them unless you want to.


…and the last important thing is that PEOPLE CONCENTRATES ON YOUR DESIGN and not on other details that may not be important for the time being.

Most of the time if you present something on the computer people may focus on things that are not important for that time being and that leads to make comments on unnecessary things rather than giving you feedback about your design.

The message that i want sent through this article is that SKETCHING must be a PART OF YOUR LIFE!!!.. and you will see that it would be fun as well  !!!!











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