Week 8_Visual Hierarchies

Week 8_Visual Hierarchies


Taking a glance at this poster, what is the first thing that grasps your attention?

The Reasons in your answer!

First and most important thing on this poster is the contrast that is created between the background and the information that the poster wants to provide to the audience.  Using a bright color, like red, on a grey scale background it immediately attracts the attention of the audience on the important parts of the poster. Moreover, as we can see on it the text that is provided varies on typeface, tonal values, weight and size.
By using several weights, even though there is an order on the text, your eye glance will fall at the text with the thicker letters.  In this case, the first thing that it will grasp your attention is the logo of the brand “Coca Cola” but also the size of the letters  plays a major role as well because as we can see there are the bigger in size than the rest. Additionally, using a different typeface it makes it stand out from the whole composition. Taking a better look at the poster the next thing that will most probably recognize are the two word “open happiness”. That is the slogan of the brand and this time we can notice, again, a different typeface has been used which it is more readable that the rest.
Another important thing that prove to us that visual hierarchy has been established, are the different tonal values that have been used. The text with the highest tonal value is the one that will be read first and you will move forward to the text with the lowest tonal value.
At last, how clear the letters are appear also plays a role. An example is the text on the poster “Bottle has a different fun that the can”, which as you can see by your own will not give to that text so much attention.




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