Week 9_ Class Activity [Graphic Design]

Week 9_ Class Activity [Graphic Design]

This week our tutor has introduced to us what is Typography.
For me it was something new because i never had the opportunity to get inform about the history of Typography ,design principles that i have to take into consideration, and that each color and each type of typeface gives a different meaning to my design.
After delivery to us a great and understandable presentation on Typography he provided to us 3 different worksheets. The first one was a paper with a grid and the other two papers were containing the same text but each text was different concerning their size.


Then he requested from us to analyse and split up all the information from one of the texts into five parts in just one column and that was a task in order to understand what he meant when he was referring to us what is a signal. So this was 1 signal. Then we separate the text into 2 columns (left most important, right least important) and so we had 2 signals this time

WP_20141124_12_06_48_Pro                                        WP_20141124_12_08_23_Pro
                                 1 Signal                                                                  2 Signals

Then we continued by cutting the text that was in Bold and were asked  to change the words that we thought were the most important part of the text and replace them with Bold Words.


The next exercise was to pick  two of the texts with different size but the same weight and create four different layouts.
First layout should be emphasized on “When”, the second layout “Who” the third “What” and the fourth “Where”.

Below you can find a few photographs as the evidence of my attempts:

WP_20141124_12_28_56_Pro WP_20141124_12_42_00_ProWP_20141124_12_33_28_Pro  WP_20141124_12_49_37_Pro WP_20141124_12_50_32_Pro


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