Week 18_ Research Competition: Systems [Class activity]

Week 18_ Research Competition: Systems [Class activity]

For semester 2 our tutor informed us that we are going to collaborate with  Kin-Design.
Kin-Design is a research and design studio in Farringdon, London and was Founded in 2008.
The people that they are working there are 14 people and each one has a different background. A few of them are designers,  some others developers and makers.

As a first task they asked from us to make a research about a system. They were 40 systems provided to us and we randomly chose one.


My system was about credit cards so  It was asked from me to make a research and find interesting insights for credit cards.

In the class our tutor was expected from as to do a PACT framework so as to guide our research with one of our classmates for our system and decide which 2 methods from the Ideo method cards i should use as to do my primary research.

The two methods that i chose to use is “Flow Analysis” and “Be your Customer”

flow                                      be your customer

P.A.C.T Framework:




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