Wee 23_Flaws of the Smart City [Blog task]

Wee 23_Flaws of the Smart City [Blog task]

The task for this week’s blog post was to imagine that we are an evil genius designers and we have to design via quick sketch “roughly rough” or collage three evil designs for a near future version of our system  that exploits 1 or more of the 14 flaws that were given to us.

Flaw: #1 Loss of Privacy
System: Handshake Payment machine                                     IMG_0027
Evil genius design: Handshake machine is a machine that will allow you to make your transaction just via a handshake. However, in order for this to work you need to have a microchip implanted in your hand installed with all your information in it. The government will be the only one that can install those information so they will have all your personal information in their system.

Flaw: #1 Loss of Privacy
System: Iris Recognition payment machine
Evil genius design:
This will be a new type of payment machine that will scan your iris in order to recognize who you are and will settle your transaction. Once again, all the information that are necessary for such a transaction will be collected by the government. No privacy anymore

Flaw: #14 Missing the human Scale
System: Virtual Shopping
virt virt2

Evil genius design:
With virtual Shopping will there will be no reason for people to leave their houses and scroll around the supermarket and shops .This will lead to miss the messiness of humanity, which will inevitably jam the quest for a perfect logical urban system.


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