Week 25_ Summarize “Questioning the “critical” in Speculative & Critical Design” by Luiz Prado [Blog task]

Week 25_ Summarize “Questioning the “critical” in Speculative & Critical Design” by Luiz Prado [Blog task]

According to the text by Luiz Prado there are a lot of problems behind the Speculative and Critical Design. He is saying that SCD has successfully managed to ignore, or at best only vaguely acknowledge, issues of class, race and gender.
Even thought he does believe that SCD has something necessary and valid to offer to society,in order to truly achieve the goals that are supposed to achieve SCD needs to be held accountable for its political and social positions; it urgently needs to escape its narrow northern european middle class confines; it needs to talk about social change; it needs more diversity, both in its visual representations and in the practitioners in the field.
Nowadays, SCD’s preoccupations are directed towards nothing more than an alleged “lack of poetic dimensions” in our relationship with electronic objects and they forget that electronic objects  are accessible to a minimum percentage of the world’s population, but also that those who won’t have access to it will likely be exploited to make that reality happen, one way or another.

In conclusion, i will come to agree with Luiz Prado. Those issues that is mentioning is very important in the world that we live and Speculative and Critical Designers must to have thos issued into consideration.

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