Week 30_ Speculative Design project videos [Blog task]

Week 30_ Speculative Design project videos [Blog task]

In this week’s sessions we are in the process of learning how to create a short video that will show how are systems works and what our system is about.
In order to understand better how a video should look like i watched a few examples of speculative design projects videos from the list that was provided to us.
By watching a few of them i feel that a few videos were communicate well there message but they were others that were less effective.

The video that you can find below i believe that communicates the message that wants to give to the viewer very well.This video is has the title “Nuna” and as it is described by the creator is  a system of patches that integrate with your skin and provide new sensory experiences.The system consists of three patches that use patterns in vibration, temperature and contraction to form a new haptic language. Using a smartphone as an intermediary, the user pairs the patch with a desired input, such as the proximity of someone else, shifts in the weather, or personal reminders. The data may map directly to the haptic sensations or the user can define their own patterns through the range provided by each sensation.
Those things that the creator describe you can find them in the video. You can see where the patch should be place and how exactly it works.

However, one video that i feel is less effective is “THE RISE OF PLASTIC SMITH”
I didn;t actually understand what was the problem that were trying to solve though the video so i had to read the description. i think that the video could explain better what was the issue to produce this kind of artefact.


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