Week 33_ Feedback for my project [Kin Design Studio]

Week 33_ Feedback for my project [Kin Design Studio]

What a wonderful day:)

On the 13th we had we had to present our videos to our tutors and to the people that work at Kin Design Studio, in London.
The point of this trip was to get some feedback for our video and system. Even thought at first i was really anxious about the presentation, when we arrived there and Luke took as a tour to see the studio i was feel relaxed.Observing how the studio was and how the people in there works was the reason that helped me to take a deep breath and relax. 11253810_10153202119445622_1430545676_n 11297821_10153202119430622_208486217_n 11256538_10153202119425622_835533964_n 11287237_10153202119435622_121136233_n 11271923_10153202119420622_356120206_n

The feedback that i got from  James, Jackie and Luke were really good. They told me that through my video  they could understand what my system was all about and how it works and what was the issue that i was trying to solve. They asked me a few questions like howmy system works (Mechanically) where the microchip will be implant and i explained to them by giving them evidence from the research that i did earlier for the project.

The most interesting part on this trip was when Luke took us to see the “CATAPULT: Future Cities” exhibition.

11257600_10153202209060622_1398932732_n 11245177_10153202209065622_158951855_n 11270089_10153202209055622_1898770762_n 11287313_10153202209045622_1220522901_n 11292636_10153202209025622_1705107470_n 11225517_10153202209100622_379799173_n 11289750_10153202209095622_74894268_n 11291849_10153202209090622_523239908_n


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