Week 36_Healthy eating habits for university students

Week 36_Healthy eating habits for university students

For my Final Major Project the area that i want to investigate and find a solution for it through design was about the unhealthy eating habits that students develop during their studies at university.
As i have noticed from my self the first two years that i left home and moved to uk for my studies my diet change dramatically. When i was in Cyprus my mum used to cooked for me and do the grocery so everything that i was eating was healthy. We used to eat baked or steam meat lots of vegetables and fruits. Occasionally we were eating junk food.
On the other hand, when i moved to uk i was mainly eating junk food most of the days and sweets instead of vegetables and fruits. It was then that i started gaining some weight. The reason that i was eating to much junk food it was because in UK your bombarded with those kind of food. Even at the universities cafeterias they sell mostly unhealthy foods because students buy more of this kind of food.
As an example i will refer to the cafeteria of my university. WSA cafeteria is a small cafe and does not provide many choices when it comes to food so during your lunch break you can peak something from the buffet which are mostly fried foods and just one choice of vegetables or  you can buy a small salad or sushi which are the healthier options but are expensive and the amount is not enough so you cant feel satisfied if you choose to eat that one.

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Moreover, there is not enough education around this aspect. Lot of students don’t know the bad effects that unhealthy diet will have on their health so they keep eating junk food without worried about the negative impact that will have on them.

What i want exactly to do now is to do a research and find a design solution in order to solve this issue!!! i think health is an important aspect that all of us will need to take into consideration!


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