Week 39_ Tutorial with Andy Lapham

Week 39_ Tutorial with Andy Lapham

This week we had to meet our tutor for an individual tutorial in order to see our progress and give us his own advises if we need to change something, what more we can do and other useful information.

He told me that i am on the right track and he suggested to me to do some more research on programs that already took actions in schools and universities in order to spread the message why is important to follow a healthy diet.
Moreover, he proposed to me to create a survey that will help me to find out how students of our university think about this issue and if they really care about healthy diet. The reason of that is because if they dont care there is no reason to find a solution about this issue!

I told him also that i want to contact a dietitian because i might need to use the knowledge of this person and he suggested me to do it and that might be useful.

Also we wrote down on a paper important information that are useful to have in mind.
You can see the picture below:



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