Week 40_Contact Nutritionist Nichola Whitehead

Week 40_Contact Nutritionist Nichola Whitehead

Nichola Whitehead she is a UK Specialist Registered Dietitian (RD).
Her blog was voted as the Best Individual Health Blog in the 2015 UK Blog Awards and came Highly Commended in the Food & Drink CategoryLast year she was voted Blogger of the Year for the Health & Fitness Category in the Blogger’s Lounge Blog Awards 2014. Her blog was short-listed for the Cosmo Blog Awards 2013 and 2014 (Best Food Blog Category) out of over 43,000 entries and she was also a finalist, out of over 900 blogs, in the UK Blog Awards 2014 in the ‘Health’ category. She came runner up for the ‘Nutrition Writer/Broadcaster of the Year Award’ at the Nutrition and Health Live Conference 2013, and was voted one of the Top 6 Health & Fitness Bloggers in 2015 by Blogging Edge. (Nics Nutrition, 2013)

I have been follow her page on facebook, twitter and Instagram the last two years and i have to say that she is giving a clear and interesting tips about how to keep your diet healthy and at the same time tasty. She explains a lot of things like why carbohydrates are not bad for you what are the benefits of certain foods and her explanation are really clear so every one can understand what she is saying.

She is sharing those tips in Videos and also written like articles as well. Moreover she is sharing healthy recipes again in video and also with words on the side so everyone will be able to follow her.

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For me she was the most appropriate person to contact for my FMP so that if i needed any advice on how to continue on specific things on my project to be able to help me.
I decided to email her and i was waiting for her response. I was so excited when she reply back to me positively and also her answer was really friendly.
Below you can find our conversation.
email1                                           email2


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