Week 46_Reflective Report

Reflective report “Eat Beautiful Be Beautiful”

Obesity and unhealthy lifestyle among university students is a global issue, which has been the subject in many researches worldwide. As I find it a very interesting issue I decided to present my work on this subject for my FMP.
Reading articles and researches I found out that the most common place students eat unhealthy food is at university canteen

The major factors, leading to unhealthy eating are:

  1. healthy food is more expensive
  1.  Cafeterias are lacking of providing healthy meals and
  1. There is no education around this aspect.

I created a poster in order to inform everyone about these problems and I hanged it in the canteen.
Then i observed students from my university, during their lunch break and I found out what kind of food they choose to eat and why, which helped me create a journey map. Furthermore, I noticed that most of the food that our cafeteria offer, are unhealthy.
I researched on how to solve these issues by studying different campaigns that took place in schools and universities. Moreover, I did a survey among the students in my university of what they think for the food that are served in the cafeteria and their views about healthy diet. However, I did not get as many replies as I expected, even though I posted it on different pages of the university in Facebook, as the academic period had ended and most of them went for holidays.   I collected interesting insights  thought, that  helped me  proceed with my outcome.
I also created personas so as to communicate and summarize my research about the students I observed and replied to my survey.
Additionally I found out from researches that the group of people between 16 and 30 cares a lot about their appearance and thus I searched for the benefits of healthy diet on appearance as I thought it would be useful for my outcome. Then i moved to ideation process which was to do an awareness campaign that students can take part. Unfortunately that was not efficient as most of the students had left university so I decided to create an application.
The name of the application is “Be Beautiful Eat Beautiful”. The aim is to motivate students cook their own healthy meals and share recipes with the students of their university. Students using the application will be able to find recipes on how to improve their skin, nails, hair, mouth health and vision and a competition between universities will be on, each month so as to encourage them to produce more healthy meals and post them. Moreover, there will be an explanation on the benefits on each of the ingredients in these recipes and nutritional information will be available as well.
I came out with many ideas for my logo until to finalize it and I created a lot of mockups in order to find the final design for my application and website.
I recognize that I have improved on logo and website designs but I need some more practice on the adobe programs so as to work faster and save precious time.

Week 46_Reflective Report