Week 46_Reflective Report

Week 46_Reflective Report

Reflective report “Eat Beautiful Be Beautiful”

Obesity and unhealthy lifestyle among university students is a global issue. Its been a subject in many researches worldwide.  We all should raise awareness about it and for that reason i decided my Final Major Project to be based on this issue in order to find a solution that might help people in the future.

Step 1 
By reading a lot of interesting articles/researches made me realized that the most common place students eat unhealthy food is at the University canteen.

The major factors that leads to the unhealthy lifestyle are:

  1. Healthy food is expensive.
  2. Cafeterias are lacking in providing healthy meals.
  3. There is no education around this aspect.

Step 2 (Process)

  • In order to grab the attention of students about this issue I created a poster and hanged it in the canteen.
  • I observed my fellow students from university during their lunch break so as to keep a record about the food they are choosing to eat and why. That helped me with the design of a journey map. Furthermore, I noticed that most of the food that our cafeteria is serving is mainly unhealthy food.
  • I studied many campaigns that took place in schools and universities that the aim was the same, to pass the message of a healthy lifestyle.
  •  I did a survey among the students so as to find out what they think about the food that cafeteria offers and their views about healthy diet. However, I did not get as many replies as I expected, even though I posted it in a number of Facebook pages that are followed by the students from the university.
    The reason of not having as many replies as i wished was due to that academic period has ended and most of them went for holidays. I have collected interesting insights  though.
  • I also created personas so as to communicate and summarize my research for the students I had observed and have replied to my survey.

Additionally I found out that  the age group from 16 up to 30 years old cares more about their appearance at that period of their lifetime and thus I searched for the impacts a healthy diet has on someone appearance. I though that have in mind these information that were results of my research, will help me with the outcome of my final idea.

  • Then i moved to the ideation process which was an awareness campaign that students could take part. Unfortunately that was not efficient as most of the students had left university so I decided to create an application.
    I named the application “Be Beautiful Eat Beautiful”.
    The aim is to motivate students to cook healthy meals and share recipes with other students of their university.
    By using the application they will be able to find recipes on how to improve their skin, nails, hair, mouth health and vision and a competition among the universities will run each month so as to encourage students to cook healthy meals and post them in the application.
  • Moreover, there will be an explanation of the benefits of an ingredient that will be included in recipes and nutritional information about each meal will be available.

In order to come out with a logo i did a brainstorming and I created a number of mockups  so as to finalize the design of my application and website.

I have realized that i made an improvement on logo and website design but I needed  more practice on the Adobe programs so as to work faster and save time.

Week 45_ Website wireframes

Week 45_ Website wireframes

Once i  finished with the design of the application,  i moved on the design of my website.
I wanted my website to be simple and include only the necessary information as to grab the attention of students and download my application.

I worked with the same range of colors that i used for the application as well.

Lo fidelity wire frames:

Scan0003 (2) Scan0002 (2)

This is how my website looks like:

website1 website2.png website3 website4

In my website i embedded a link from the pop application so as the user can play around with the application and find out how it works and what she/he can do with it.


Week 44_Application Mockups

Week 44_Application Mockups

Few weeks ago i had created paper mockups in order to show on how my application will look like.

My application aims to encourage students to cook their own healthy meals and inform them for the benefits that each type of food will have on their body. For example people that want to have stronger and brighter hairs can search for recipes that can benefit their hair.
In order to motivate them i decided to run a contest among universities in UK by announcing each month the top 10 universities with the most beautiful and healthy students.

Results of the contest will depend on the numbers of uploads from each university.

When i finished with the process of ideation, i designed the screens that will of the application by using Adobe illustrator and uploaded them in POP application to see how it looks like as a mobile application and how someone can interact with it.

Week 44_Business Cards and Leaflets

Week 44_Business Cards and Leaflets


For business Cards, i had the idea of printing them in the shapes of vegetables and fruits, but then i thought that this will not be convenient since it will not fit in their wallet. So i printed them out in a rectangular shape 85 × 55 mm. On one side of the card you can see a screenshot of my application and on the other my personal details like name , websites, email etc.

The leaflet on the other hand, will present simple and straight forward information of how the app is working and its benefits of using it.

Week 43_You are what you eat

Week 43_You are what you eat

One of the aims of my project is to inform students about the good impact that healthy food has on our skin, hair, teeth etc.  So i created a poster which shows what kind of food can make their hair look shiny or their skin to brighter .

Below is the poster:

And i hanged the poster on a board at the front door of the University canteen.
11897051_10153422703925622_1408282985_n 11911727_10153422703880622_1316596641_n

Week 43_Mary Payne’s story

Week 43_Mary Payne’s story

Mary Payne’s story was an influence for me on how to move on with my mobile application.
Mary Payne’s was a 9 years old girl who was discussed by the food that her school cafeteria was offering to the kids so she decided to take pictures of her lunch each day and her father encourage her to create a blog and post each picture in the blog. The name of the blog was “NeverSeconds” Moreover, she was commenting on the picture and she was rating how delicious was food and sometime she was referring on the numbers of hair that she might found in her meal.
She became very popular for creating that blog and famous people like Jame Olivers took her with him on trips that he was doing for his campaigns about healthy food in schools.neverseconds martha payne blog jamie_oliver