Week 45_ Website wireframes

Once i  finished with the application  i moved on the design of my website.
i wanted my website to be simple and just have only the necessary  information that needed in order to attract students download my food application.
I keep the same colors that i used in the application.

i wanted the website to be just one page.

Below you can find the wireframes:

Scan0003 (2) Scan0002 (2)

This is how my website looks like:

website1 website2 website3 website4

In my website i embedded a link from the pop application so as the user can play around with the application so as to see how it works


Week 45_ Website wireframes

Week 43_You are what you eat

The research that i did on how the type of food that we eat can make a difference to our appearance influence me to create a poster. I wanted  to inform students by showing them  the benefits that healthy food like vegetables, fruits, lean meat and fish etc and which type of food can help our hair to look shiny or our skin to look brighter .
Below you can find the poster:

Moreover i hanged the poster on a board at the university’s canteen.
11897051_10153422703925622_1408282985_n 11911727_10153422703880622_1316596641_n

Week 43_You are what you eat

Week 42_ How eating vegetables and fruits can make us look more attractive

This week i had this idea to find out what are the benefits that each type of food has on us.
i found very interesting articles about how by eating carrots and tomatoes can make as look more attractive rather just being tan.
What i was reading on this article was very impressive.
Scan0009 Scan0010

So i decided to search one my one different types of vegetables, protein based food and fruits and read what the benefits of each one had on our appearance.

acai appricots blueberries eggs

Week 42_ How eating vegetables and fruits can make us look more attractive

Week 39_FMP Project Survey and contact the nutritionist

Taking into consideration the advises of my tutor i created a survey to find out interesting insights from the students that are studying at Winchester School of Art.
The survey consists 19 questions. question 1-6 Question 7-12 question 13-18 question 19

I share the survey to different groups in Facebook that are related with WSA so as students to answer it.

Link to facebook Link to facebook2

Week 39_FMP Project Survey and contact the nutritionist