Week 45_ Website wireframes

Week 45_ Website wireframes

Once i  finished with the design of the application,  i moved on the design of my website.
I wanted my website to be simple and include only the necessary information as to grab the attention of students and download my application.

I worked with the same range of colors that i used for the application as well.

Lo fidelity wire frames:

Scan0003 (2) Scan0002 (2)

This is how my website looks like:

website1 website2.png website3 website4

In my website i embedded a link from the pop application so as the user can play around with the application and find out how it works and what she/he can do with it.


Week 40_Survey (Results)

Week 40_Survey (Results)

Even thought i have posted the survey on a number of pages in facebook that are related with the students that are studying in Winchester School of Art and even thought i have asked multiple times for people to spend just 5 minutes from their time to answer my survey; unfortunately they were not many people willing to do it.
I collected answers from just  23 people, it was a bit disappointing that people didnt have the time to answer but at least i got some useful insight from what i have collected.

I realize that even thought students may no why is good to follow a healthy diet is difficult when it comes to choose  food in the cafeteria because there are very limited choices of food and most of the food in unhealthy. The healthy choices does not worth the money as you buy smaller portion for the same price as you going to buy something that is not so healthy but the portion is bigger.

Below you can find the results:
age before uni buy food chocolates consequences cook book enrich expensive fruits Gender healthy eating means how easy how healthy important nationality now uni nutrition labels side salad unheathy food at uni what influence

Week 39_FMP Project Survey and contact the nutritionist

Week 39_FMP Project Survey and contact the nutritionist

Taking into consideration the advises of my tutor i created a survey to find out interesting insights from the students that are studying at Winchester School of Art.
The survey consists 19 questions. question 1-6 Question 7-12 question 13-18 question 19

I share the survey to different groups in Facebook that are related with WSA so as students to answer it.

Link to facebook Link to facebook2