Week 8_Class Activity [ Data Visualization]

Week 8_Class Activity [ Data Visualization]

This week class activity was based on Data Visualisation.

The brief for this activity required from as to separate into groups and each group had to create a 3D set of data that was going to represent a topic form our everyday life.
The topics were spread into the class randomly. Our topic was FOOD AND DRINK.

WP_20141117_11_10_15_Pro (2)


The first thing that we did was to write down a few ideas that we could collect data from,and that the data that could collect was going to be interesting.
After a discussion we ended up with the idea of “What are the drinks we consume more in our country”.

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The next step was to create a bar chart that was presenting how many cups/glasses of hot drinks, alcoholic drinks, Water and soft drinks we, ourselves, usually consume in our country in a week.


After collecting all the necessary data, we chose some materials that were provided to us from our tutors and we went to the canteen in order to find more stuff that we needed so as to complete our 3D set of data.

The materials that we used were plastic glasses, coffee as a representation for hot drinks, water for water, apple juice for alcoholic drinks and a red energy drink to represent the soft drinks.

Below you will find pictures that will show to you each step that we took for our journey until to create our 3D Data representation.





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