Week 11_Successful and Unsuccessful Assessed Tasks during Design 1 Module

Week 11_Successful and Unsuccessful Assessed Tasks during Design 1 Module

After 3 months we have reached the end of the first semester for the Design 1 module. For me it was an exciting and challenging semester as i have graduated from a BA in Fine Arts so knew nothing about design. The only common thing  between these areas is the creativity that the artist and the designer needs. One of the most interesting things that I have learned in this course was that in order to create a good design you have to listen and understand what your user wants and not just create something that looks beautiful outside. For a designer this is a challenge, to create something beautiful but useful at the same time, and this was one of the reasons that  why this module intrigued me.

In my opinion, the most successful assessed task of my tasks was the one that I had to design something so as to introduce the earth to the aliens. However, the first attempts were a failure but after having a tutorial with my tutor, Andy, explaining to me that I must design something for a creature that I have no idea how it looks like or if the alien can see or hear. By the end of this conversation I understood that I had to make a deep research to get inform about planets in order to have an idea what it might be useful for my design.
After doing a research I collected different information about common things that we have with other creatures finding on earth and with other planets. For example water is a liquid that have been proven to exist in Mars as well, and planets are made up of stones as earth is made up. Moreover, I have found out the three primary colors that most beings on earth can see and the range of sound that can be heard by.  Taking into consideration those things I designed a durable glass model of the earth and a machine that looks like a stone; the main point of that machine was to trigger one of the 5 senses.
Additionally, while I was designing these I had in mind what we learned about the 10 principles of Dieter Rams as to keep my design simple, beautiful understandable, innovative etc.


On the other hand, what I believe that was the most unsuccessful task is the culture probe. The reason is because except that was the first task and I was not confident at all of how i had to produce this task, I did not understand exactly what was all about. I thought that for a culture probe i was supposed to include a number of tasks as to get the right results from the users but instead I could just create one thing. The other reason it was that I didn’t know how I was supposed to present my work but during the term I think that I  improved myself a lot on this aspect.

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