Week 3_Class Activity [User Experience Mapping]

Week 3_Class Activity [User Experience Mapping]

“User experience mapping” is a way to understand important things about the customers experience in the aspect that we are interested in, so as to find ways to improve a service that was assign to us. It is like a visual narrative of the user journey. The aim of this class activity it was to learn what steps we should follow in order to create such a map.


The brief that was given to us was asking to pick one from a list of four users experiences and to map them.
1. Eating in the school canteen
2. Borrowing and returning a library  book
3. Your Journey to University
4.Buying a product online

My group has chosen the  First one which was “Eating in the school canteen”. Our aim was to map our experience, from the time that we felt hungry, because this is the reason which lead us to the decision to go to the canteen, until the time that we had finish eating our food which was the last action  that was taken.  In order to create this map we had to draw 3 horizontal lines on a roll paper and add the titles “DOING”, “THINKING”,”FEELING”.
According to the aforementioned, we had to write down the actions and behaviors that we took, what we were thinking and what were the emotions that we felt through the whole journey.